Individual Veggie Share

Season Ends Dec 19, 2023

Our Vegetable CSA Subscriptions provide you with a weekly share of produce fresh from our farms.

Our Fall 2023 Season is 12 weeks long, with pick ups every Tuesday from October 3rd to December 19th.

Pay up front for the full season and save $10. A weekly payment option is also available.

  • 1 week $27.5 Oct 10
  • 11 weeks $303 Sep 29 - Dec 19
Pickup on Tuesday, Weekly, starting Oct 10 thru Dec 19


The smaller of our Veggie CSA options, the Individual Share typically contains 5-7 just harvested, in-season produce items. The Individual Share will typically feed a one or two-person household of veggie-heavy home cooks.

All of our farmers practice sustainable methods and use only organic products, although organic certification is not required by our member farms.  

You can expect to receive a comparable dollar value to shopping at a local farmers market. Your share volumes may vary, but we guarantee a full value of produce or meat will be packed in your CSA by the completion of the season.

Missed Pick up policy
Due to the perishable nature of our products, we are unable to hold shares that are not picked up. You are always welcome to arrange for someone else to pick up your share(s) for you or in your stead. If your share is not picked up at the site and time you select, it will be donated. By joining our CSA, you agree that if your shares are not picked up at the designated time and place you selected, they can not be held and will be donated. Thank you for your understanding.