Chicken CSA Share - 2023 Season Has Ended - No More Sales Until 2024

Season Ends Dec 05, 2023

As our Fall 2023 Meat Subscription Season winds down, you have one more opportunity to take advantage of the mouth-watering offerings of our local purveyors. Our last monthly CSA meat pick-up of 2023 will be available December 5th, just in time for your holiday meal prep! Order now to lock in your December delivery, and we’ll send reminders and recipe tips as your pickup day draws nearer.

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The Chicken Share is $50 per month. Chicken Shares typically contain 2 whole chickens, or occasionally one whole chicken, and butcher cuts such as leg/thigh quarters, or boneless skinless chicken breasts. Meat Shares are fresh from the processor and will arrive frozen.

Behind the Oaks Farm in Schertz produce this heirloom cross, pasture-raised chicken for our shares. These birds are fed a locally milled GMO-free ration and are regularly rotated. The live a more natural and active life as opposed to the more common cornish cross variety typically raised for just 35-40 days. Expect fuller flavor and heartier texture. 

Our farmers are committed to animal welfare, and sustainability in land use, and reject the use of hormones and antibiotics. All animals are pasture-raised and our small-scale farmers work hard to ensure all livestock live healthy, happy, and natural lives. The standards of animal health and welfare from our small local farms greatly exceed that of anything produced on a scale you would find in a grocery. Local, small-scale, pastured meats help ensure fair pay and good working conditions for your farmers, a good life for the animals, and a sustainable approach to including meat in your diet.

You can expect to receive a comparable dollar value to shopping at a local farmers market. Your share volumes may vary, but we guarantee a full value of produce or meat will be packed in your CSA by the completion of the season.

Missed Pick up policy
Due to the perishable nature of our products, we are unable to hold shares that are not picked up. You are always welcome to arrange for someone else to pick up your share(s) for you or in your stead. If your share is not picked up at the site and time you select, it will be donated. By joining our CSA, you agree that if your shares are not picked up at the designated time and place you selected, they can not be held and will be donated. Thank you for your understanding.