Beef CSA Share

Season Apr 04, 2023 to Jul 04, 2023

4 months of meat with pick-ups on April 4th, May 2nd, June 6th, and June 27th
NOTE! The last pick up is a week earlier to avoid a pick up on the July 4th holiday

Pickup on Tuesday, Monthly, starting Apr 04 thru Jul 04


The Beef Share is $50 per month. Beef Shares contain a mix of Farmer’s Choice cuts, focused on common and more well-known selections that vary each month. Shares will always contain a portion of plain ground. Meat Shares are fresh from the processor and will arrive frozen. The average price per pound of the Beef Share is $9. We recommend the share for a household of 2, larger households may choose to order multiple shares.

Rusty Star Ranch in Lockhart and Behind the Oaks Farm in Schertz produce 100% grass-fed and finished, pasture-raised beef for our shares. Heart-healthy leaner beef with both a heartier flavor and texture can be expected from our grass-feed beef select cuts.

Our farmers are committed to animal welfare, and sustainability in land use, and reject the use of hormones and antibiotics. All animals are pasture-raised and our small-scale farmers work hard to ensure all livestock live healthy, happy, and natural lives. The standards of animal health and welfare from our small local farms greatly exceed that of anything produced on a scale you would find in a grocery. Local, small-scale, pastured meats help ensure fair pay and good working conditions for your farmers, a good life for the animals, and a sustainable approach to including meat in your diet.