What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between farms and their customers. Members of the CSA invest in their share of crops before the upcoming season. This helps farmers by allowing them to have capital in a time when costs are high but incomes are low. It also helps to decrease the amount of risk a farmer has to take on by having a guaranteed market for their products. CSAs also benefits the customer by giving them access to ultra fresh produce, often harvested the day before they receive it. CSA members get to have a direct relationship with their farmers and have the assurance that their food is being produced in a way that respects our natural resources, supports our local economy, and encourages the continued existence of food production in our community.

How Does it Work?

Our Fall Produce CSA program runs for 12 weeks: October 1st- December 17th 2019.
Every Tuesday during those twelve weeks CSA members come and pick up their share of fresh, locally produced food.
Our CSA pick-up sites are located in central San Marcos (exact address to TBA) and Chaparral Coffee - Lockhart (106 E Market St, Lockhart, TX 78644) 4:00 and 7:00.
Picking up your CSA share will generally take about 10 minutes.
Membership for the Spring is $437 (12 weeks @ $35/week plus processing fees) for our bountiful basket which will feed 2-4 people.
We also offer an individual size basket for $250 (12 weeks @ $20/week plus processing fees) which will feed 1-2 people.
Payment plans are available.

Our Fall Meat CSA is delivered once a month October 1st, November 5th, and December 3rd between 4:00 and 7:00. It provides a variety of all pasture raised pork, beef, and chicken or members may choose a limited combination of these kinds of meat (e.g.: beef and pork only). 
Shares include a variety of prime cuts as well as ground, sausage, soup bones, and more. In past seasons CSA members have received an average of 15 pounds of animal products per month with an average cost of $8/lb. 
Membership for the Fall is $374.50  (3 months @ $120/month plus processing fees).

What can you expect as a CSA Member?

One of the advantages of the Central Texas Farmers Co-op’s CSA program is that our CSA members are partnered with a group of farmers rather than just one farm like other CSAs. This means much greater variety for our members every week. This Spring members can expect such staples as tomatoes, beets, onions, lettuce, squash, and peppers along with some specialty offerings like sunflower shoots, herbs, unique salad mixes and much, much more in your share. Our meat CSA includes a variety of all pasture raised pork, beef, and chicken or members may choose a limited combination of these kinds of meat (e.g.: beef and pork only). Our members can expect a variety of cuts as well as ground meat, sausage, and soup bones.

Along with their share, members will receive a newsletter with recipes, volunteer opportunities, and information about our farmers and the land they steward.
We believe that fostering community is an essential part of a thriving local food economy. A potluck dinner, farm tour, and a class on how to prepare and store local food are all included with a CSA membership.