7 Tomato Recipes You Must Make This Summer 

Jun 21, 2023 | Recipes

Tomato season in Texas is brief. Several days of nighttime temperatures above 70 F and or daytime temperatures above 85 F will cause the plants to abort flowers. If you’re reading this thinking – “I need to hurry and enjoy some summer tomatoes!”, you’re thinking right. While fall tomatoes in Texas are a possibility, the timing of the plantings has to be just right, and the young transplants have more difficulty growing up in the last days of summer than they do in the cool days of spring. In other words, fall tomatoes are a possibility but certainly aren’t guaranteed.

Before the moment passes, we thought we’d send you 7 tomato recipes that you have to try this summer.

1. Ricotta Tomato Toast 

While this recipe may be enjoying a TikTok moment, its Catalan roots trace back to possibly as early as the 16th century. Pan con Tomate, or Tomato Bread, showcases a simple technique of grating tomatoes to create a salsa-like sauce. The key to its success lies in using high-quality, heirloom, and vine-ripened tomatoes, which are essential for bringing out the best flavors in this delightful and uncomplicated dish.

2. Tomato Soda, or Tomato Peach Soda

In this recipe, tomatoes are celebrated for what they truly are: a fruit. To create this unique soda, you’ll start by making a tomato shrub—a combination of sugar, vinegar, and fruit (typically made with stone fruit or berries). Crafting this shrub will introduce you to a whole new way of experiencing tomatoes: effervescent, refreshing, and if desired, with a hint of boozy goodness. Prepare to savor a tomato like you’ve never tasted before.

3. Salsa de Mesa – Table Salsa

This timeless red salsa, also known as salsa roja, shares similarities with the one that welcomes you at your beloved Mexican restaurant. However, there’s a distinction. When you choose to prepare this salsa during Texas tomato season, you’ll experience a fresh rendition that is sweet and so full of tomatoness that you’ll be tempted to drink it. It’s not tomato season if you don’t make at least one batch of salsa. 

4. Tomato + Corn + Avocado Salad

Harvesting cherry tomatoes, meticulously plucking each tiny fruit from a hot jungle of vines, can be quite a task, especially in the summer sun. Texas-grown cherry tomatoes shouldn’t be taken for granted; there’s a lot of love that little pint! To fully appreciate these little gems, make this salad. If the avocado feels a  bit fussy, feel free to omit it, but don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the summertime sweetness of fresh corn. This salad is versatile – enjoy it with a spoon or load it onto a chip for a truly delightful experience.

5. Blistered Tomato Pasta

When you find yourself in need of a quick dinner option, the unexpected package of spaghetti accompanied by a pan of rapidly blistered tomatoes becomes the ideal solution. The swift preparation of this comforting dish compensates for the inconvenience of heating up the stove. Don’t skimp on the cheese or garlic which are just the umami punch your tangy tomatoes need. Bon appétit!

6. Best Tomato Sandwich

BLTs often steal the spotlight during tomato season, but frying up a pan of bacon is no small task. Meanwhile, there’s a sandwich that exudes an air of nonchalance, yet packs a delightful punch: the humble tomato sandwich. With just mayo, a perfectly ripe summer tomato, and generous amounts of black pepper and salt, this unassuming creation deserves your attention. If you haven’t experienced the joy of a tomato sandwich like this, I highly recommend giving it a try.

7. Classic Panzanella Salad

We’re not sure that there is any better tomato salad than a classic Panzanella made with a rustic loaf of bread, high-quality olive oil, and sun-ripened tomatoes. Basil? It’s got that, too. This recipe is the one to follow not only because it includes some simple techniques to make your panzanella shine, but also because it gives a great history of this beloved salad. 

P.S. If you’re eager to savor the season, why not can your tomatoes? This way, you can invite a bit of summer warmth into the coldest wintery stew. To can tomatoes, we recommend following the recipes and guidelines outlined in the USDA’s (196-page) Complete Guide to Home Canning.