2024 CTFC Board Election Results

All 20 eligible member/owners of the Co-op cast votes in the election. 100% turnout – surely the envy of all democratic institutions worldwide!

Ellen Waller was elected to serve the remainder of the open seat expiring in July 2024. Maggie Eubanks and Kasey Mire were elected to seats whose terms expire in July 2026.  Tim Auld will serve the remainder of the term vacated by K Fagan, expiring in July 2025.

Following this election, the current composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

Places Expiring July 2024
Ellen Waller
Abby Wetzel
Zach Peoples

Places Expiring July 2025
Tim Auld
Kellie Parker

Places Expiring July 2026
Maggie Eubanks
Kasey Mire

CTFC January 2024 Board Elections

There are currently four open places on the CTFC Board. Three places expired in July 2023, and one place has been vacated by a board member’s resignation. Members elected to the three open places will serve terms through July 2026. The member elected to the position open due to resignation will serve through July 2024, completing the natural term of that position. This board position will then be open for nominations and election of a new board member, whose term will run from July 2024 to July 2027.

This election will determine which individual will serve out the remainder of this six-month expiring term. The three candidates for whom you DO NOT vote to fill the expiring term will be elected to the open three-year terms. The four candidates who have volunteered to serve on the board are below.

The Candidates

Kasey Mire
Kasey is the owner and co-founder of Reverse Pioneers, a small family farm in Blanco specializing in microgreens. As a founding member, she connects and aligns with CTFC’s mission and values. She is grateful for the co-op’s business over the years and feels it is time to contribute as a board member.

Ellen Waller
Hello, fellow co-op members. I own and maintain Little Bluestem Farm in San Marcos alongside my family. Starting in 2012, our family has produced and processed poultry, rabbits, and goats primarily for home use. A family herd of Nubian Dairy goats is maintained for milk and cheese. A 15-hive apiary is now the primary agricultural endeavor for the farm. LBF was a founding member of the Co-op. I worked as part of the Co-op Steering Committee that established the business and then as a member of the Board of Directors. I served as the CSA Coordinator and became a paid contractor serving as Operations Manager from Spring 2020 through Spring 2023. Upon resignation from the Operations Management position, I would like to continue serving the co-op as a board member once again. I truly wish to see this cooperative business flourish and benefit its owner members and our local communities.

Tim Auld
Howdy, I’m Tim Auld. I am a CTFC founding member and have had three cycles as a board member. I would be honored to serve the Co-op for another term. Local agriculture and its food systems are important to me. Producers need a diversity of local and regional markets to sell products into and CTFC plays a key role in making that happen. It takes a team to keep it in operation and I am up for the task.

Maggie Eubank
Maggie is one of the owners of Pure Pastures in Canyon Lake, where she primarily handles the sales and marketing portion of the business. She and her husband, Jeremiah, started a small pasture raised pork operation in 2015, and have since branched out into beef and lamb as well. They provide pork to the co-op and supplemental beef when needed. Maggie is also a Leo, so you know what that means…

Register Your Vote

Please enter your personal information below and select the individual to serve the remainder of the term expiring July 2024. The remaining candidates will be elected to terms expiring July 2026. Your personal info and vote will be recorded confidentially, and will only be available for review by Abby Wetzel, CTFC Board Vice President, and Leigh Newsom, CTFC Operations Manager, who have been tasked with administering the election.

The polls are closed, and voting has concluded.